ARC – Have You Seen Me? Alexandra Weiss – A Review.

Hello friends and fellow bookworms! I’m here today bringing you my review of Have You Seen Me by Alexandra Weiss. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this from NetGalley and Vesuvian Books in return for an honest review.

Have You Seen Me by Alexandra Weiss was published on the 17th August 2021 and you can read the synopsis here on Goodreads.

Overall rating – 4 out of 5 stars.

From the get go, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Have You Seen Me? It was definitely a gripping book, that drew me in from the start and didn’t let up until I’d finished reading – it was like a whirlwind.

Weiss’s writing throughout the book is consistently good, from the phrases chosen to the dialogue between characters and how we would hear the characters thoughts, everything was just well written and flowed perfectly. It was a really easy book to read, and that is no criticism!

The one thing that did let this book down slightly for me though was the atmosphere, it struggled to really get going at the start of the book and if it wasn’t for the enjoyment I got from the writing and the intrigue that the author built up I would have stopped reading it. That being said, it did get better as we delved further into the story. And it ended up being really tense and eerie, it became quite the atmospheric read.

The characters were kind of average for me, sadly. They definitely were intriguing and I found it so easy to warm to Aubrey and later Mason, and eventually the kids (once I got deeper into the book) but they weren’t exactly stand out parts of the book. They had enough about them to be interesting and to help progress the story, but not enough for me to say WOW they were amazing.

The plot was the real standout of this book for me, though. It was just excellent throughout the whole book, there wasn’t a point where it reached excellence and then dipped, it was just so good throughout! Once the initial groundwork was laid, we were pulled in so many different directions and things started to get messy (which I loved). Although, I think my favourite part had to be the ending and how everything seemed to fall into place, like when you put the last piece of the jigsaw in, it just made sense.

And while the ending wasn’t this big crescendo where it shocked me to my core, it didn’t need to be, because the rest of the book was so well written and the plot was so good. It just rounded everything off so cleverly.

I can definitely say that Have You Seen Me? was a really enjoyable read that I would love to read again. It’s many redeeming qualities with the plot, the writing and the intrigue more than made up for the little things, that I felt, could have been a teeny bit better.

Again, thank you to NetGalley and Vesuvian Books for the free copy of Have You Seen Me to read and review.

Let me know if this one has made it on to your TBR and what you thought of my review!

Until next time, Em xxx

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