Men I would let punch me and then say thank u daddy

GOOD MORNING (or afternoon or evening depending when you’re reading this post) another non-bookish related (and kinda wild) post from me today!

I think my followers on twitter were SICK of me lusting after these fictional characters, so I’ve decided to IMMORTALISE my thoughts with this blog post.

I want to preface this post with several things…

I have a wonderful and loving and gorgeous boyfriend, who I absolutely think the WORLD of and this post is just a bit of fun! And that I am 10000000000% a whore and probably going to hell after writing this post (Like I wasn’t already going there LMAO).

I’m including some GIFs because well, ya know.

1 – Geralt of Rivia, but (and this is oddly specific) only if Henry Cavill is playing him because there is something about him wielding a sword and him sitting in the bath and him fighting monsters, basically I just love Geralt aka Henry Cavill OKAY. Honestly, though this man is the OG could punch me in the face. Plus he seems super respectful and would definitely put you first – if ya know what I mean.

2 – Draco Malfoy. I will not be taking questions or providing any reasonings other than this man is a GOD and I have been obsessed with him since I was like 12.

3 – Billy Hargrove. OKAY, let me start this by saying I know Billy is a dick of a character, but just going off pure sex appeal alone, you can’t deny he’s fit as fuck. Granted he would be extremely cocky (with good reason) and probably would be super rough, but that’s fine because 1) he’s hot and 2) I like that kinda thing soooo🤷‍♀️

4 – Enzo (Dmitri Antonov). Sure this man is cute at the start of the series, but at the end when he’s all battered and bruised and clearly STARVED of a woman’s touch, yes please. He’s definitely going to pick you up and throw you round like a ragdoll, but only after discussing it first with you and making sure you consent. That alone would have me saying thank u daddy I swear to god.

I can’t get a gif that fits so you’ll have to make do with a photo, soz

5 – Jasper Hale. SWEET JESUS that southern accent is enough, let’s not even THINK about the baseball scene. It did things to me at 13 years old when I first watched Twilight and 10+ years later it STILL does things to me. He probably would be selfish but that’s not gonna stop me.

6 – Rick Grimes – I have LITERALLY just restarted The Walking Dead (from the beginning) and I forgot how HOT this man is. Clean shaven – yep, 5 o’clock shadow – yep, stubble – YEP. And a man in uniform is just drool worthy. He’s the type to be quiet but also firm and ALWAYS gets you to do what he wants…

I can’t lie, there will likely be additions to this list so expect to see me immortalising more fictional characters that I would let punch me in the face.

Also, if you’re my BF and you’re reading this I love u and would not trade you for any of these fictional men I promise ❤

Until next time, Em xxx

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